Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • UK Oil & Gas Operators In The Basins
  • Decision Makers From Global E&Ps With An Interest In UK Shale
  • European Oil & Gas Operators
  • US E&P Majors
  • Canadian Oil & Gas Operators
  • Companies Considering UK Shale Investment
  • Government Bodies
  • Regulators
  • Local Authorities
  • Geological Surveys

With The Following Job Titles:

Presidents, CEO, COOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leads & Chiefs Of:

  • Exploration
  • New Ventures
  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • Geochemistry
  • Production
  • Completions
  • Unconventional
  • Environment
  • HSE
  • Development
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Government Affairs


  • Drilling Service Providers
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Providers
  • Engineering Companies
  • Logging And Coring Service Providers
  • Seismic Analysis Companies
  • PR Companies & Consultants
  • Geochemical Analysis Companies
  • Frac Fluid & Proppant Suppliers
  • Water Treatment/Management Companies
  • Investment Firms
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Legal Consultants
  • Modelling Software Companies
  • Gas Storage Companies
  • Gas Storage Service Providers
  • Research & Development Institutes & Universities


The United Kingdom is at the brink of a potential energy revolution driven by shale gas and oil resources. Every onshore E&P company, energy investor and politician with an interest in the economy is now taking action to drive forward the commercialisation of this incredible resource. Every week the dream of an established industry comes closer to being realised. Of course, there is a need for more action, more regulatory decisions and more definitive strategies for planning and exploitation.


The USA was facing a similar situation until relatively recently - it looked like their energy supply would remain in the hands of foreign powers, who could adjust prices at their will. Then there was the shale revolution. We all know what happened here: record levels of gas production led to unprecedented profits for E&P companies, energy prices toppled encouraging long-departed manufacturers to restore their operations to the United States en masse, and thousands of jobs were created, revitalizing the economy.

This could be replicated in Britain if E&P companies, government and regulators take the right steps to enable planning permission, secure the supply chain, win public acceptance and figure out how to optimise recovery to make wells economic.

There is a lot of hearsay and exaggeration surrounding fracking and correcting these misconceptions is critical given the fact that regulators and councils act on behalf of local residents, and consequently, will be incredibly reluctant to permit a procedure with such great opposition. Once it is permitted, the industry needs to ensure the required fracking and completions services will be present, with enough drilling rigs and enough water and access to waste disposal. Of course, operators need capital investment, which is pivotal towards the other success factors driving up ROI. Once the capital is in place, we need to glean global expertise to ensure we can complete and produce from these prolific reservoirs.


Proposals, solutions and strategies to secure all of the above are being delivered at UK Shale 2013: Making It Happen, the second annual congress designed specifically to drive forward shale gas development in the UK.

Regulators, MPs and government figures who make decisions and enact policies concerning shale gas will be in London to outline their visions for shale gas and explain what they are actively doing and planning to do to make it work. Experienced E&P directors will be displaying their UK planning expertise and coming up with strategies to both achieve public acceptance and attain permits. Securing the supply chain will also be covered in great depth, exploring solutions for acquiring equipment and services at each stage of production.

Then we can address exploration and fracking. Leading operators will be talking about their plans and methodology for exploring British shale. Other presentations will review how to operate in an environmentally acceptable manner without sacrificing cost-efficiency.

Yes, there are a lot of issues surrounding shale gas in the UK. At UK Shale 2013: Making It Happen, we firmly believe all of these issues can be overcome and we aim to show precisely why and how at this year's event.


"Very enlightening experience, great networking and refreshing exchange.  The choice of topics and speakers is commendable."


Since we held the UK Shale Summit 2012 - the UK's first ever unconventional congress - in September last year...

...the industry has seen some significant progress developments including demonstrations of regulatory support, geological estimates and approvals of new drilling plans.

UK Shale: Making It Happen is the place where decisions are made, solutions are identified and progress is achieved in regards to developing our country's precious energy resources.You can expect the following from this year's congress:

Pure Shale Focus: Shale Gas & Oil is the hottest prospect for onshore operators in the UK and for this reason, the entire two day conference will focus purely on how to take unconventional shale resources towards commercialisation

Industry Led: Speakers at this conference are only from E&P companies, government and regulators. We are hosting presentations only from the authoritative voices that can truly influence progress at a strategic level.

Progress Focused: The conference is not about reflecting on the past - it has been engineered entirely to drive the industry towards one objective; making it happen.

Practical Solutions: From local acceptance to planning permission to commercialisation, this summit will deliver practical solutions and facilitate pivotal discussions for driving forward every stage of development to make shale development a reality.

Answers Rather Than Questions: This conference is not about analysing the problem - it is about making decisions and developing operational and political strategies for seeing immediate movement in the progress of unconventional oil and gas.

Content Packed: We are offering two full days of presentations.This isn't a workshop or a seminar; it is a intense, strategic level conference for executives actively driving forward shale commercialisation in the UK

If the tangible, takeaway benefits above are what you are looking for, UK Shale: Making It Happen is the way to spend your two conference days this summer.

E&P and Government speakers will deliver presentations focusing on:

    • HOW TO ATTAIN WELL PERMITS : Streamlining the permitting process and building relationships with regulators to gain permits and enable operations to commence
    • HOW TO SECURE THE SUPPLY CHAIN : Developing drilling and completions equipment and infrastructure strategies to ensure necessary services are delivered for fracking
    • HOW TO EXPLOIT THE RESOURCE : Assessing cores, reserve estimations and reservoir characteristics to assess completions strategy and take UK shale production to commerciality
    • HOW TO WIN PUBLIC ACCEPTANCE : How to successfully, work alongside local communities, win acceptance and give Government the impetus to increase support for shale development
    • HOW TO OPERATE ENVIRONMENTALLY : Examining optimal methods for fracking and managing water safely to minimise environmental impact and public resistance


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